Dates and type of event

  • Early bird deadline: October 17th, 2023  
  • Conference: November 2rd/3th, 2023


Registration types and fees


Early Bird    Regular 
Registration Type EG Member Non-EG Member EG Member Non-EG Member
Full 370€ 470€ 420€ 520€
Student Author 210€ 260€ 250€ 300€
Student non-GPCG member 120€ 170€ 150€ 200€
Student GPCG member 70€ —— 100€ ——
Big Buddy (includes 2 students) 600€ —— 750€ ——


Guests (conference dinner only) 30€


  • Each paper requires a different full/student author registration.
  • Student registration requires confirmation of student status (student card copy) that is valid at the date of the conference, or in the case of student authors, that confirms they were students at the date of paper submission.
  • All registration types include access to the conference, conference materials, coffee breaks, and lunches.
  • The social event is only included in Full and Student Author registrations.
  • The Big Buddy modalities allow a teacher/researcher (EG member) to be accompanied by two students with a single application.


One-year EG Membership included:


  • EG membership will be of the same type as ICGI registration (full or student).
  • New members will have membership starting on January 2024.
  • Existing members will have their membership extended by one year, from the end date of their current membership (for example, members with membership paid until the end of 2024 will have it extended until the end of 2025).
  • For students, this offer only applies if they retain their student status in the corresponding period of the membership offer; the proof of student status has to be done by filling the corresponding EG form – – and submitting it as indicated in the registration form.
  • Participants that do not want to benefit from this offer must confirm their choice on registration (fee not affected).


Registration form